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When it comes to mobile browsing, Google is the go-to search engine for most of us. But did you know there are several nifty tricks to level up your mobile Google game? Beyond just typing queries into that familiar search box, Google offers some powerful yet easy-to-use tools right at your fingertips. Here are five simple ways to search smarter.

Talk to it

Let’s start with one of the handiest mobile search hacks – voice commands. Google’s voice search functionality allows you to find info just by speaking. Just say “Hey Google” followed by your query like “What’s the weather forecast for this weekend?” The voice assistant will work its magic and serve up relevant results. This hands-free approach is a real timesaver whether you’re multitasking or just have a bad case of text fatigue.

Use your handwriting

Another novel input method is handwriting recognition. You can enable this buried Google trick to literally write out your searches with your fingertip. Just visit Google.com, open search settings, turn on the “Handwrite” option in settings, and start scribbling your query on the screen. The text will dynamically convert to typed letters in the search box as you go.

Use Circle to Search

circle to search featured (Image: Zohaib Ahmed/The Indian Express)

Samsung and Google’s newest Pixel phones include a brilliant “Circle to Search” tool. With a quick long-press of the home button or navigation bar, you can circle or highlight any text, image, or video currently on your screen. Google will then dynamically search based on that selected content – ​​identifying products, scanning QR codes, pulling up relevant info, and more.

Google Lens it

Google Lens |  Google Lens tips |  Google Lens skin condition (Express photo)

Speaking of vision-based search, don’t overlook the increasingly powerful Google Lens. This image recognition technology serves as an AI eye, analyzing your camera’s viewfinder or any existing photos to gather insights. Snap a shot of a pair of shoes, for example, and Lens can identify the specific style, locate buying links, and even pull up reviews and ratings. It’s available as a dedicated app or via the Google search bar.

Festive offers

Go ‘Advanced’

For when you need to take your search skills to an expert level, Google’s Advanced Search is the tool for you. This utility brings all kinds of filters and field operators to your mobile browser. Using a special landing page at google.com/advanced_search, you can narrow results by site or domain, location, language, file type, usage rights, and so much more. It’s an incredibly granular way to cut through the clutter and get hyper-relevant hits every time.

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