Student Government Association hosts spring 2024 elections: meet the candidates

After extending the deadline for applications to run for a Student Government Association race, 44 candidates applied across all 60 spots. The deadline was extended twice — as no one applied to run for student body president. The first time SGA extended the deadline, the organization was not technically allowed to do so because it was done without an election amendment or approval from the Senate.

Voting opens on PhoenixConnect at 8 a.m. Monday, March 18 and closes 5 p.m. Tuesday, March 19. 

Elon News Network asked each candidate what they hope to accomplish in their role if elected, as well as how they plan to accomplish it. Candidates had until 7 p.m. on Thursday, March 14 to submit a response and headshot.

Executive President

Taylor Cote ’25. Photo courtesy of SGA.

Taylor Cote

“I want to hear more student voices. I love Student Government and all the work that these passionate people accomplish. I want to share our work with the Elon students. Elon is filled with impressive and diverse people, who have amazing thoughts and ideas. I want to hear more from as many people as I can. I want to expand the reach of The Student Government Association to ensure that we are representing the student body accurately. I want what is best for the students of Elon University and the best way to accomplish this is by hearing from my peers. I also want to promote our events more on campus. There are so many students and organizations doing so many amazing things. I want everyone to know about the opportunities on campus. I think Elon has a strong sense of community but I want to promote this on a large scale to create more interconnect between smaller communities and organizations on campus.”

Executive Vice President

Ethan Wu | Elon News Network

Amanda Jacobson ’25

Amanda Jacobson

“If I do become the Executive Vice President, I want to work with Student Government to find ways to better the mental wellbeing of the Student Body. Being in the senate for the past two terms, I have learned that every good thing can start with SGA and I want to work with the Executive team to better the Student Body even further.”

Class of 2025


Ethan Wu | Elon News Network

Maddie Williams ’25

Maddie Williams

“As the 2025 Class President, my vision is to foster an inclusive and supportive environment ensuring that every student is valued and heard. I am committed to creating a campus atmosphere where every student feels that their voice matters and is empowered to achieve their fullest potential.”


No Applicants

Senator (5):

Ethan Wu | Elon News Network

Anna Matawarn ’25

Anna Matawaran

“In this role, I hope to act as an advocate for the Class of 2025 and work to improve student life at Elon. Specifically, I am passionate about furthering our university DEI initiatives and increasing student engagement. I would love to collaborate with student life offices and our broader campus community to promote a brighter, more equitable Elon!”

Ethan Wu | Elon News Network

Jack Sheppard ’25

Jack Sheppard

“​​​I have served SGA for the past three years, including as a Class of 2025 Senator, which I currently serve. What I hope to accomplish in this role is to make our last year at Elon the best it can be. I would accomplish this goal by working with our class president to see what ways we can bring our class together. At the end of the day, I’m here for you, and I will work for you!”

Ethan Wu | Elon News Network

Robin Falkow ’25

Robin Falkow

“I hope to serve my class by discussing important on-campus issues and mentoring younger members of SGA to take action during their next term.”

Ethan Wu | Elon News Network

Drew Fetterolf ’25

Drew Fetterolf

Class of 2026


Ethan Wu | Elon News Network

Noah Biggers ’26

Noah Biggers

“I hope to be a voice for student concerns and issues on campus. I also plan to advocate for their needs.”


Ethan Wu | Elon News Network

Emily McAnnich ’26

Emily McAninch

“I hope to equally distribute funds to student organizations on campus by communicating with the Finance Board, discussing with the Senate, and advocating for all organizations to enable events that engage with the student body and allow students to find their place on campus and connect with fellow members of the Elon community.”

Senator (5):

Ethan Wu | Elon News Network

Julie Snow ’26

Julie Snow

“This past year I served as a class of 2026 Senator and it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my collegiate career. As a class senator, I will continue striving to grow and improve the spirit and connections we all love at Elon. 

In my time, I have had the opportunity to participate in exciting discussions revolving around student involvement and most specifically student involvement and spirit surrounding athletics. I served on the One Phoenix Committee, a committee aimed at fostering school spirit and community-building efforts, in the Fall and have since assumed the role of the committee chair. As the chair of the One Phoenix Committee, I am working with my members to create new ideas and plans for getting students more involved with the numerous athletic events that are occurring on Elon’s campus. 

I want to provide a warm and constructive environment for all Elon students. I think that everyone deserves to find their place. In my time as your representative, I will work to make sure that your voice is heard.”

Ethan Wu | Elon News Network

Selma Marić ’26

Selma Maric

“If re-elected to the Senate, I plan to continue my project and research regarding outdoor spaces. I want to collaborate with students, meet with facilities management, outline which outdoor areas need more fire pits and chairs/outdoor enhancements, and then finalize and pass legislation. This project all started in August 2023 with simple conversations between senators and their constituents, and it would be incredible for us to finish it.”

Class of 2027


Ethan Wu | Elon News Network

Michael Swartz ’27

Michael Swartz

“I plan to build upon the progress we’ve collectively made while addressing new challenges that come up during our next year. I hope to enhance student engagement by offering more opportunities for the Sophomore class and planning our Mardi Gras event with President Book while also ensuring our current campus resources stay just as effective and improve in the areas you all would like to see. My main goal is to be an advocate for the student body and voice any concerns or ideas they may have with the people that can actually do something about it. Through communication, commitment, and collaboration, I think we can continue making meaningful progress together!”


Ethan Wu | Elon News Network

Elizabeth Shum ’27

Elizabeth Shum

“As I re-run for the Class of 2027 Treasurer, I hope to strengthen the Elon student experience and opportunities through outreach and discussions. As the new academic year approaches, I will be working on getting to know our class better and actively responding to feedback from the campus community. I hope that I will be able to work more with organizations to be able to bring more cultural, academic, and skill learning experiences to campus. In my role, I would like to be a resource for student organizations to understand funds and engagement opportunities with the student body. Enhancing collaboration between SGA and the campus community requires active engagement and communication with each class. I am excited for the next Senate and would love to hear suggestions from our class!”

Senator (5):

Ethan Wu | Elon News Network

Ashley Benson ’27

Ashley Benson

“I want to make Homecoming a bigger event for students! This year I was surprised by the lack of activities for students over homecoming weekend, so I want to bring more activities for students to participate in and maybe have an event where students and alumni can interact!”

Ethan Wu | Elon News Network

MJ Johns ’27

MJ Johns

“As a Class of 2027 Senator for the Fall, I worked to promote diversity and inclusion on Elon’s Campus as well as the building of my Class of 2027 community. I hope to be able to continue my work serving my community and being a campus leader. As a senator my current goal is to solve the inclusive dining issue involving the availability of Kosher and Halal food options in our dining halls and through my reelection I hope to continue my work.”

Ethan Wu | Elon News Network

Oliver Keicher ’27

Oliver Keicher

“I hope to continue the great progress SGA has made this last term through collaboration with other senators and legislation.”

Ethan Wu | Elon News Network

Kiley Sherlock ’27

Kiley Sherlock

“I hope to continue meeting the goals I set in my first term of actively listening to the concerns of my peers, working with them to develop solutions that benefit our class that the student body as a whole. I feel that the best way to do this is to simply be available, staying active on campus and making myself accessible to build connections, form relationships, and make your voice heard!”

Ethan Wu | Elon News Network

Ellie Agulnek ’27

Ellie Agulnek

“If re-elected, I will amplify your voice and represent your values in matters you care about. I will continue advocating for the Class of 2027 by building community, connections, and engagement across campus.”

Ethan Wu | Elon News Network

Parker Schloss ’27

Parker Schloss

“My goals are to improve student engagement at sporting event, and create even more mental health resources and academic support. I plan to do these things by incentivizing students to go to games with Elon merch. Academic support can be improved by getting more tutors allowing for more students to get help without having to worry about getting a time slot the day before a test.”

Ethan Wu | Elon News Network

Tanner Vislay ’27

Tanner Vislay

“I hope to be available and open to my fellow students and SGA members ideas and thoughts on how we can make our upcoming school year the best that it can possibly be, while also improving our school at every issue that arises.”

School Senator

College of Arts & Sciences (5):

Ethan Wu | Elon News Network

Mary Ntirenganya ’27

Mary Ntirenganya

“I hope to work to find ways to offer various resources to students to support them both inside and outside of the classroom. I hope to emphasize communication between students,  staff, as well as SGA to learn what can be done to better support students.”

Ethan Wu | Elon News Network

Viluzmar “V” Castellanos ’27

Viluzmar Castellanos Gonzalez

“As a senator of the College of Arts and Science, I will encourage the hearts of others by recognizing their deepest desires. I will strive to recognize the hardships of individuals and encourage staff to accommodate the needs of students so they may achieve their future aspirations.”

Ethan Wu | Elon News Network

Kaelise Lane ’27

Kaelise Lane

“As a senator for the College of Arts and Sciences, I will strive to provide guidance to our student body and faculty to promote not only ambition, but encourage the desire to impact each other’s lives and hearts. I, Kaelise Lane, vow to uphold this sentiment by encouraging strong initiatives that will strengthen the Elon experience.”

Love School of Business (4):

Ethan Wu | Elon News Network

Ryan Voisard ’27

Ryan Voisard

“I hope to drive learning and increase participation in school sponsored business events. I would accomplish this by being more inclusive and encouraging students from all majors to participate in the aforementioned business events. If successful then it would enhance the general business knowledge of all Elon students, providing an increased edge in all of the student body’s future endeavors.”

“In my role as a senator for LSB, I hope to bring recognition to all that LSB has to offer its students, and how easy it is to get involved. I plan to do this by not only encouraging students to get involved, but by making sure they know what is available to them.”

School of Communications (3):

Ethan Wu | Elon News Network

Via Patel ’27

Viha Patel

“I want to bring a more positive and inclusive change to the school environment in terms of diversity and academics. One way I plan to do this is by expanding the range of the clubs/organizations in our school by bringing in more students and faculty members, which will provide new opportunities to strengthen student development.”

Dr. Jo Watts Williams School of Education (2): 

Ethan Wu | Elon News Network

Claudia Hopsel ’27

Claudia Haspel

“Hello, I’m Claudia Haspel. I’ve been honored to serve as one of your class senators this past semester. As I’ve gotten to know students across campus in these past months, I am confident in my ability to expand my role, where I will strive to serve, support and give a voice to all of the students in the Dr. Jo Watts Williams School of Education.”

Ethan Wu | Elon News Network

Luna Aldana ’27

Luna Aldana

“I hope to work efficiently with the deans to continue making the school of education a safe, welcoming space for everyone, and provide our future educators with all the sources they might need to better their experience at the Dr. Jo Watts Williams School of Education.”

Ethan Wu | Elon News Network

Alyssa Collins ’27

Alyssa Collins

“Hello, I’m Alyssa Collins, and I’m thrilled to run as one of the senators for the school of education. As your representative, I’ll prioritize student voices, advocate for inclusive policies, and foster a campus community where every voice matters.”

School of Health Sciences (1): 

Ethan Wu | Elon News Network

Anna Burfeind ’25

Anna Burfeind

“I want to help connect main campus with the Francis Center. I want to start events that teach students about what we do at the Francis Center. I also will help the with the communication between both campuses.”

Initiative Senator

HealthEU (1):

Madeline Mitchener ’25. Photo courtesy of SGA.

Madeline Mitchener

“I hope to listen to what students want to see from HealthEU. I would love to see tabling events and possibly write legislation. I have experience writing legislation, and have gotten it passed. I have also tabled for SGA and other organizations before. I love what HealthEU stands for and love each of the 6 pillars. I want to see how I can bring a student perspective to the implementation of HealthEU.”

Ethan Wu | Elon News Network

Juan Daniel Chiriboga ’26

Juan Daniel Chiriboga

“As HealthEU senator, I’ll cultivate a thriving campus community. My initiatives: wellness spaces for stress relief, “How to Adult” life-skills workshops, relaxation pods, robust support networks, speaker and conference focused on wellness, sports tournaments with fitness incentives and much more. Together, we’ll prioritize holistic well-being across social, emotional, physical, purposeful, community, and financial wellbeing-empowering everyone to flourish.”

Inclusive Excellence (1):

Ethan Wu | Elon News Network

Jinnelle Gonzalez ’26

Jinnelle Gonzalez

“As a first-generation student of Mexican descent, I have noticed a lack of diversity in certain areas of college life within Elon University. As the inclusive excellence senator, I hope to increase conversation surrounding diversity, equity and inclusion on campus, as well as advocate for further opportunities for our students from diverse backgrounds. I will work to do this by speaking directly with our student body. There are many social and cultural groups on campus, such as LHU, BSU, APSA, Spectrum, etc., that work to promote their own culture and heritage. I would hope to meet with representatives from these groups and discuss ways that will see their needs better met and represented here at Elon. From there, I will do my utmost best to further inclusivity on campus. Overall, I want to be the voice for those who have often had their voices silenced or taken. Para mi futuro, para su futuro, para nuestro futuro. For my future, for your future, for our future. “

Mentorship (1):

“As I’ve developed as a person at Elon, I’ve come to recognize the importance of mentorship to me and to every other member of Elon’s community as well. It’s why I’ve gotten involved in several different mentor programs through the school and why after this, I’m aiming to be a teacher and soccer coach, it’s my passion. I’d like to continue fostering not only an environment at Elon where mentorship can occur naturally, but also continuing to examine how the university can create different programming that can provide formal opportunities for people to explore themselves as both a mentor and mentee.”

Civic Engagement (1):

Ethan Wu | Elon News Network

Kennedy Steiner ’26

Kennedy Steiner

“I hope to promote active participation within service learning and community involvement.”

Community Outreach (1):

Ethan Wu | Elon News Network

Brianna Crawford ’27

Brianna Crawford

“I hope to foster a fresh, innovative , and engaging community on and off campus! I look forward to bringing my peers together through events, awareness, and solidarity!”

Sustainability (1):

“I hope to advocate for and implement sustainability initiatives in Elon’s campus community by collaborating with other campus organizations, faculty, and students to come up with new programs that will work to further the culture of sustainability we have already worked hard to foster here at Elon.”

Finance Board (4):

Ethan Wu | Elon News Network

Eva Real ’26

Eva Real Roman

Honor Board (6):