Software to Assign Election Duties in Himachal Pradesh

In an unprecedented move, the Himachal Pradesh State Election Department has announced the utilization of Web DICE software to determine the allocation of election duties for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. This innovative approach aims to ensure impartiality and transparency in the selection process, eliminating any scope for favoritism or discrimination.

Under the directive of the State Election Department, District Election Officers have been tasked with inputting data of approximately 50,000 personnel onto the Web DICE software. This includes details of their place of residence and current service location. Notably, individuals will not be assigned duties in both their place of residence and service to avoid any conflicts of interest.

The software will then allocate duties for personnel across the state’s 7,990 polling stations, with 20 percent reserved for emergencies. This meticulous planning ensures that there will be no room for excuses or cancellations of election duties, as per the instructions of the Election Department.

Each polling station will be manned by a presiding officer and three election officers, with the deployment of security personnel tailored to the station’s category. To bolster manpower, efforts will be made to enlist NCC and NSS volunteers at every polling station, as emphasized by Manish Garg, the State Chief Electoral Officer.

In a bid to maintain fairness and ethical conduct during the electoral process, the State Election Department will convene a meeting with political parties. Scheduled under the stewardship of State Chief Electoral Officer Manish Garg, the meeting aims to underscore adherence to the election code of conduct, combat hate speech, and curb the spread of fake news on social media platforms.

Additionally, political parties will be reminded of the mandatory disclosure of their social media accounts during nomination, with strict guidelines in place to prevent appeals based on caste and the provision of transportation to polling booths.

Ensuring accessibility and convenience for voters, all polling stations will be equipped with essential amenities such as drinking water, toilets, seating arrangements, and ramps for the differently-abled. Furthermore, a swift response mechanism has been established to replace malfunctioning Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) or Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) machines within 30 minutes of reported breakdowns.

The implementation of the Web DICE software heralds a new era of efficiency and fairness in election management, setting a precedent for transparent electoral processes in Himachal Pradesh. With meticulous planning and strict adherence to protocols, the State Election Department aims to uphold the sanctity of democracy while ensuring a seamless voting experience for all citizens.