SC rules on lost iPhones, IIT’s BharatGPT Hanooman, Google’s ‘woke AI’ and other top tech news of the week |

Union minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar has warned Google to get its AI models in place after some users highlighted the model’s ‘biased’ response to a question on PM Narendra Modi. In a ruling, the Supreme Court made it clear that lost iPhones are not Apple’s responsibility. Samsung re-entered the fitness band market with the launch of Galaxy Fit 3. All this and more in tech news of the week.

IT minister to Google India: Government has said this before, I repeat for ‘attention’

Soon after Google responded to the controversy over its Gemini AI chatbot’s ‘biased’ response to a question on PM Narendra Modi, Union minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar warned the Indian arm of the search giant that India’s Digital Nagriks must not be experimented on with “unreliable” platforms/ algorithms/ models.
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Lost iPhone is your responsibility, not Apple’s, rules Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of India has ruled that Apple India is not obligated to track stolen iPhones using their unique identity numbers. According to a report by Live Law, this decision overturned an earlier directive by the Odisha State Consumer Commission, which had placed this responsibility on Apple.
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BharatGPT Hanooman: All you need to know about the AI ​​model developed by Reliance and 9 IITs

In collaboration with the BharatGPT ecosystem led by IIT Bombay, Seetha Mahalaxmi Healthcare (SML) has introduced ‘Hanooman,’ a suite of Indic large language models trained across 22 Indian languages. Supported by Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries and premier engineering institutions in India, the consortium aims to debut its inaugural ChatGPT-style service, BharatGPT, next month.
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Google pauses Gemini AI chatbot’s image generation ability after ‘missing the mark’

Hours after issuing an apology as its new AI model, Gemini, generated racially biased image results in response to user queries, Google has announced that it has paused the image generation of people for some time. The company said this capability will be available with an improved version soon.
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Samsung announced Galaxy Fit 3 in India

Samsung has launched its new fitness tracker, Galaxy Fit3, in India. The Galaxy Fit2 successor from Samsung brings a larger screen, a longer battery life, and some new features on board. Here’s all you need to know about the Galaxy Fit3.
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WhatsApp got updated with news ways to format text

WhatsApp unveiled four additional text formatting features, offering users more flexibility in customizing their messages. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the same on his WhatsApp Channel. According to the company, these new formatting options are designed to enhance communication efficiency, particularly in group chats, helping users save time. These new options complement the existing four text formatting choices available to users. They are available for all Android, iOS, Web, and Mac desktop users.
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Google faced criticism for Gemini AI being ‘woke’, here’s what the company has to say

Google has issued an apology after their new AI model, Gemini, generated racially biased image results in response to user queries. The company acknowledged the issue in a statement, attributing it to “limitations in the training data used to develop Gemini.”
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Apple updated iMessage with the ‘strongest’ and safest messaging app

Apple has always been big on privacy and user security and now the company is taking a big step ahead in securing its popular messaging app, iMessage. With the upcoming software update, iMessage will feature a brand new encryption protocol called PQ3, designed to withstand even the most sophisticated attacks, including those from future quantum computers.
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TCS CEO on why working from home is not good for the employees as well as the company

TCS CEO K Krithivasan has once again emphasized the company’s decision to end remote working. During a recent Nasscom event, Krithivasan highlighted TCS’s ongoing efforts to encourage employees to return to the office. He underscored the significance of critical learning experiences that occur through observing colleagues and superiors in action, emphasizing that such experiences are irreplaceable in a remote work setup.
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Airtel announced in-flight roaming packs starting at Rs 195

Telecom operator Airtel has introduced its new in-flight plans for its users. These plans will enable the users to stay connected while on-board a flight. The service provider has introduced six in-flight plans out of which three are postpaid and three are prepaid.
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Google engineers ‘hacked’ Sony PlayStation Portal to run Minecraft and other old games, here’s how

Launching in November 2023, the PlayStation Portal was Sony’s answer to remote PS5 gaming. This nifty device streams games from your PS5 console to its built-in screen, letting you play on the go. But, hold onto your controllers! Google engineers have pulled off a surprising feat – they’ve apparently hacked the Portal to run games directly on its own hardware, bypassing the need for remote streaming altogether.
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Elon Musk announced Gmail alternative — X mail

Following the circulation of a hoax image falsely claiming Gmail’s impending shutdown, which sparked widespread concern in the tech community, Elon Musk, the owner of X platform (formerly Twitter), hinted at the platform’s intention to introduce an email service to compete with Google’s offering .
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FM to RBI and financial sector: Need more action on unauthorized lending apps

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has called upon financial sector regulators, such as the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), to adopt supplementary measures to curb the rise of unauthorized online lending. At the 28th Financial Stability and Development Council (FSDC) meeting, Sitharaman stressed the importance of regulators maintaining vigilance and taking proactive steps to identify potential risks to financial stability, given the prevailing domestic and global macro-financial conditions.
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Google introduced Gemma, an open AI language model

Google has launched an open AI model called Gemma. The tech giant has confirmed that the new open AI model has been created using the same research and technology that was used to build its Gemini AI models. The company noted that Gemma is its contribution to the open community and is intended to help developers to build “AI responsibly.”
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Adobe announces new AI tool to search and summarize PDFs

Adobe is joining the generative AI bandwagon as it announced a new tool for PDFs. Called AI Assistant, it is a new generative AI-powered conversational engine in Reader and Acrobat.
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Center working on draft AI regulation framework: Three things the government is focusing on

The government is working on a draft regulatory framework for artificial intelligence (AI) and aims to unveil it by June-July this year, IT minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar said. His comments came at a time when there were concerns globally over a rise in deepfakes and harm associated with it.
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