Meet Devin, World’s 1st AI Software Engineer Who Can Build Websites, Videos From A Prompt

Meet Devin, World's 1st AI Software Engineer Who Can Build Websites, Videos From A Prompt

Devin can also identify and rectify bugs (Representational)

US-based start-up Cognition has launched what it calls the world’s first AI software engineer.

Named Devin, Cognition’s AI software engineer can write, debug and deploy code to create functioning websites and videos.

Devin is a software development assistant in the vein of Copilot, which was built by GitHub, Microsoft and OpenAI, but, like, a next-level software development assistant.

This AI software engineer has the capability to take a single command and turn it into a functioning website or software program.

Devin can also identify and rectify bugs, reducing the time and effort required for troubleshooting.

Instead of just offering coding suggestions and auto-completing some tasks, Devin can take on and finish an entire software project on his own.

It is equipped with its own command line, code editor, and browser which helps it to operate independently

In a video, Cognition Chief Executive Scott Wu demonstrated how Kevin operates. As it works, Devin shows all the tasks it’s performing and finds and fixes bugs on its own as it tests the code being written.

“Teaching AI to be a programmer is actually a very deep algorithmic problem that requires the system to make complex decisions and look a few steps into the future to decide what route it should choose,” Scott Wu told the Bloomberg.

“It’s almost like this game that we’ve all been playing in our minds for years, and now there’s this chance to code it into an AI system,” he said.