Gaza war worries regional leaders as Ramadan approaches

Gaza (MNN) — Senior US and Israeli leaders are meeting in Washington this week to discuss the Gaza crisis. The US began humanitarian aid drops this weekend in the latest attempt to alleviate suffering.

Hamas officials have not agreed to a temporary ceasefire that Israel signed off on, so the war rages on, sending ripple effects throughout the region.

“Remember that whatever is happening in Gaza is affecting not only the surrounding countries but also the whole Middle East – Yemen, Dubai, Jordan, Egypt,” Fadi Sharaiha with the MENA Leadership Center says.

“All over the Arab world, people are feeling it.”

(Photo courtesy of ErikaWittlieb/Pixabay)

The timing of Israel’s potential expansion into Rafah has several Middle Eastern leaders on edge. Ramadan – the Islamic month of fasting – begins on March 10the same day Israel vows to begin its assault on Rafah.

Christians are not immune from the regional tension. “This is also affecting the mental health and the spiritual health of Christian leaders,” Sharaiha says.

“Christians are anxious in the region because this is not over yet. The whole thing is a mess, so people are anxious, especially in Lebanon, because they’re not sure what is next.”

Believers can also fall into the trap of polarization and political arguments. “In the thick of it, sometimes we forget who we are. Our DNA is we are peacemakers.

“We need to be very, very prayerful that Christian leaders and the Church do not lose focus on the Lord.”

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MLC offers practical coursework on MENA-relevant topics like “trauma healing, conflict resolution, how to empower Christian leaders to be peacemakers, and religious freedom,” Sharaiha says.

Help from believers like you makes it all possible. First, “Please pray for us. Pray for discernment, grace, and wisdom,” Sharaiha requests.

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“You can sponsor a leader taking a course or you can sponsor a whole program,” Sharaiha says.

“This is a project for individuals, families, and churches, and there is a blessing whenever you are involved.”

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